Please review the information below about submitting content for the journal. Complete the form to establish an account with Submittable, the online submission tool used by the journal to collect and review content. If you already have an account, please sign in.

Digital Files: 

  • Upload only MS Word files formatted to eliminate any special coding, such as that created by reference citation software. 
  • Include tables and figures in the same file as your article, essay or review.
  • Contact the journal editors for information about submitting a large photo, illustration or video files.

Cover Sheet: 

  • Submit a cover sheet as a separate document, with the following information: 1) Article title, 2) Author(s) full names, 3) mailing addresses, 4) E-mail addresses of the corresponding author, and 5) Up to three suggested reviewers. Please provide your Twitter handle.

Content Guidelines (Formatting), see: http://sustainability.umich.edu/mjs/guidelines

Before you submit your material: Please proofread all content carefully, including author names, titles, and figure captions. 

Contact MJS Editors: mjseditors@umich.edu